Camp Tech Terra Wrap Up


Today was the last day of Camp Tech Terra. Susan and Zach jumped in on a daunting list of topics suggested by the participants including grant writing, digital portfolios, and STEM stations. I took typed notes today because I was eating breakfast at the same time. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Check out Bright Bytes (link) for research connecting mobile learning with student learning
  • Dollar Tree will sell their $1 items to teachers for half price online
  • Check out IPEVO Wishpool (link) for monthly tech giveaways
  • When purchasing a 3-D printer, consider that Makerbot is the only vendor of its filament
  • Different STEM stations:
    • deconstruction: no TVs or glass, cut the power cords off
    • construction: Lego, blocks
    • fabrication: cardboard
    • robotics: Ozobots
    • coding: Sphero (can code using Tickle)
    • Tech Explorer: virtual reality, Osmo, making apps
    • Science Explorer: Little bits magnets
  • Susan Wells on STEM: Just getting the curriculum isn’t going to help you, “nothing is better than doing”
  • Then we did a mini edchat on Twitter. We gave out an #oklaed Twitter Cheat Sheet (link) in the morning but I think it might have been better to get everyone set up with an account and introductory text before diving into the edchat. I’m always trying to get new people to take advantage of Twitter so it was interesting to see an edchat with 40 people in the room; I think it’ll adjust how I do PD in the future. (I think I’ll also do an #oklaed #slowchat next week to help ease people into it.) The plan was to do the questions below but due to time constraints, we only did three. I thought it was neat that some non-Camp Tech Terra tweeps participated. If even one person keeps on (and I think they will), I’ll call it time well spent.


Here is the archive of the #camptechterra tweets up until, oh, 8:30 on July 29, 2015:

Here’s a list of recommended people on Twitter to follow:

  • @justintarte
  • @GingerLewman
  • @bridgestyler
  • @mrsveldhuizen
  • @CoachHime57
  • @CommonSense
  • @HeckAwesome
  • @watersenglish
  • @DianaLRendina
  • @venspired
  • @kevinhoneycutt
  • @sjgorman
  • @DrTerriOu
  • @MeghanZigmond
  • @plemmonsa
  • @ShakeUpLearning
  • @HollyClarkEdu
  • @burgessdave
  • @ladywolf2014
  • @iTeachManor
  • @kellianglley
  • @bluecerealeducation
  • @TechNinjaTodd
  • @GwynethJones
  • @RafranzDavis
  • @MrsBeck25
  • @followmolly
  • @mraspinall
  • @joy4ok
  • @wfryer
  • @CathyBenge1
  • @okeducationtruths
  • @Teachfromhere
  • @pernilleripp
  • justinbcoffey
  • @shirky17
  • @misssgtpickles
  • @LauraGilchrist4
  • @TracyClark08
  • yaujauku
  • cogswell_ben
  • @thnorfar
  • @KleinErin
  • @alicekeeler
  • @kylepace
  • @TechChef4U
  • @TheTechRabbi
  • @TheWeirdTeacher
  • Austin_Gagnier8
  • Mr_Ptchr
  • mrjoshflores
  • MPSTechnology
  • @mathycathy
  • iPadWells
  • grendelrick
  • @James408Jason
  • @sylviaduckworth

Camp Tech Terra also inspired additions to my wishlist. I am not aiming for most things class sets because they are expensive and I am going STEM station-style. I keep a spreadsheet with vendors, prices, etc, but I thought it’d be nice to share in an easy format in case a random billionaire stops by and wishes to grace my classroom. Please feel free to give me your feedback if you have something in your classroom or have a suggestion to add:

  • 1 Copernicus Tech Tub Premium (link)
  •  2 Sphero (link)
  • 2 Rolling Spider Mini Drone (linkNote: @micheledanielshenk shared that Brad Gustafson gives out Tickle coding challenges
  • 1 Kano Build Your Own Computer Kit (
  • 3 Ozobots (linkNote: @cathybenge1 says if you put 2 Ozobots alone in your amazon cart, they are buy 2, get 3rd free
  • 1 Makerbot 3-D Printer (link) and all the filament ever Note: Michele also recommends 3DTin to create.
  • 25 Lilypad miniature electronic platform for wearables
  • 1 Squishy Circuits (link)
  • 5 Google Cardboard (link)
  • 1 Osmo Gaming System for iPad (link)

To wrap up the workshop, we had time to work on what we wanted and network. I loved picking the brains around me. I look forward to continuing to keeping in touch with them. I mentioned it in the workshop but I think it bears repeating: Twitter is an excellent way to continue relationships with excellent people you meet at PD.

One of my new friends is Jessica Lightle. She had a great week! She was on the front page of the paper and won the Copernicus Tub today. She is going to be my ISTE alarm clock and make sure I go in 2016. Afterwards, she asked to interview me for her vlog RUCHALLENGED. You can watch the video below.


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