#TCEA16 or Bust

I have just survived my first day at TCEA’s (Texas Computer Education Association) annual conference and I’m feeling pretty good. There’s a nice balance of inspired ideas and excitement without being overwhelmed.

It’s probably because this is the first conference where I’m not presenting in a couple of years.

I attended the STEM Academy today, featuring 2 keynotes and breakout sessions; I have shared my sketchnotes below.

STEM Academy Opening Keynote by Cindy Moss (@stemboss)


Session 1: 3-D Printing in Education by Mark Simmons (@t3chl0gic)


Session 2: Keeping It Real by Stephanie Villegas (@Ms_Cerda)


Session 3: Algebra and iPads, It’s Not Just Math Anymore by Dr. Sherri Brogdon (drbrogdon03)


Session 4: Makerspace in K-12 Education by Jason Harron (@jrharron)


Introduction to 3-D Printing by Brian Bass