What Does #OklaEd Mean to Me?

OklaEd.pngAbout a million years after Scott Haselwood (@TeachFromHere) put out the call for people to reflect upon the impact of #OklaEd, I’m finally posting my response…which kind of came out like a love letter…

Mirror: I read back through my tweets, not out of conceit, but to check myself. Am I posting what’s real and true, good and bad? Am I living all those clever memes and well-intentioned quotes? Is what I say in the quick heat of a Sunday #OklaEd chat authentic to what I actually do? There’s no time in an edchat to prevaricate and sometimes those questions are hard, man. I’m pretty sure I’m looked through a storify and questioned, “Really? That’s your initial response?,” reflected (pun), and then thought, “Yeah, that is definitely what I think.”

Platform: #OklaEd is a platform to share what’s going on in my classroom and district. We all have our passions and this the place to let your flag fly. I remember a recent conversation @ChrisParadise and @JMaxey1  about essential Makerspace supplies – a conversation that I actually felt comfortable butting in on because of the reputations they’ve built sharing their own classrooms on #OklaEd.

Resource: I’ve never been one to linger in confusion so I ask a lot of questions. Even with a Master of Education, as an alt cert teacher, I have a lot of gaps. Through #OklaEd, I am able to take advantage of knowledgeable people like @DrTerriOU, @KelliAnglley, and @CalypsoGilstrap.

Recharge: We all get down. At several points in my teaching career I have just felt worn smooth out. Being part of #OklaEd can take me beyond my site (because sometimes the whole building is just worn down and out, you know?) to experience the positive energy going on in other parts of the state. This last fall, @MrsDSings has been like my spirit animal either lifting me up with her ebullience or lifting me out of my brood by eloquently expressing my rage!despair!frustration in a timely blog post.

Inspiration: If you know me, you know my brain goes a gabillion miles an hour and I like to connect with other people who make their ideas happen. Through #OklaEd, I’ve been inspired by rock & rollers across the state including @MrP_tchr, @MrsBeck25, and @elynnhlll. It’s also helped me keep up the Mutual Admiration Society with @ladywolf2014

Battle Cry: I’m gonna be honest here and say that I’ve blacked out my social media a lot this legislative season because it was like Crisis! on top of CRISIS! If it wasn’t for the fervent (and persistent) calls to action from  @ClaudiaSwisher,  @BlueCerealEducation, @Grendelrick, @Edgeblogger, @angmlittle, @coach57@mrsthornbrough, @mrsveldhuizen, and @bridgestyler I’d’ve checked out even more. Beyond being passionate (and, ya know, right) it’s the diversity of their personalities that really appeals to me. I see their words and then I am moved to make my own even though I feel like my representative and senator should know by now exactly how I feel.

Opportunity: I love being a part of something bigger than myself. Twitter allows me to share what I love and do it by being my own weird self. Participating in #OklaEd’s afforded me a lot of chances to make a difference. I’m even pretty sure I wouldn’t have my current job if I hadn’t jumped headfirst into #OklaEd – not too shabby for a hashtag.

PS- I tagged a ton of people in this. If I left someone out, you’re still awesome.