Shadowing Brandon Wilmarth & “What Great Principals Do Differently”

We’ve been doing a book study for Clinton Public Schools Leadership on Todd Whitaker’s “What Great Principals Do Differently” (amazon link). As an extension, my superintendent Kevin Hime (@coach57) told us to all find 2 excellent people who have our same job title and shadow them. For my role as “Tech Integration Specialist,” I asked Brandon Wilmarth.

Brandon (@mr_wilmarth) is a Tech Integration Specialist for Moore Public Schools. (I know him from teh Twitters. Seriously, if you are not using your #oklaed connections, you are crazy.) He is one of three Tech Integration Specialists for the district, serving 35 schools versus Clinton Public Schools’ 4 specialists serving 5 sites. (Once again, feeling spoiled but appreciative about our situation.)

I probably could have followed Brandon all day -or played with all his tech toys. I openly envy his monitor and audio recording setup. Although my Sketchnotes focus on programs, that was only part of the takeaway. Like Whitaker says, “it’s not the programs, it’s the people.” Brandon is definitely one of those people you want on your team solving problems. Throughout the day, I was impressed by his easy manner. Professional always, but personable and open. A tech integration specialist’s job is to help teachers. I’ve never met a tech coach who wasn’t super eager to sit down with teachers and talk shop, the trick is to keep the talk relevant and reachable so the teacher’s eyes don’t glaze over. He makes a conscientious effort to leave the office (quicksand!), show his face, and make himself available.


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