#Oklaed Blogs

A View from the Edge (Rob Miller) : http://www.viewfromtheedge.net/

Benge’s Brainiacs (Cathy Benge): http://www.bengesbrainiacs.blogspot.com/

Blue Cereal Education: http://www.bluecerealeducation.com/

Brett Dickerson: http://www.brettdickerson.net/

EducatingMe (Erin Barnes): http://educatingwho.blogspot.com/

Fourth Generation Teacher (Claudia Swisher): http://fourthgenerationteacher.blogspot.com/

Mrs. Waters’ English (Michelle Waters): http://www.mrswatersenglish.com/

OK Education Truths (Rick Cobb): https://okeducationtruths.wordpress.com/

PC Instructional Coach Blog (Drew Price): https://pcinstructionalcoach.wordpress.com/about/

Speed of Creativity (Wes Fryer): http://www.speedofcreativity.org/

Teaching From Here (Scott Haselwood): https://haselwoodmath.wordpress.com/

This Teacher Sings (Mindy Dennison): https://thisteachersings.wordpress.com/

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